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[edit] Getting started

OpenSearch.org is designed to offer the community a place to discover and contribute to the OpenSearch effort.

This site is powered by MediaWiki, the same Wiki software that is used to power Wikipedia. As such, it offers you, the reader, an opportunity to contribute back.

If you would like to contribute, either by suggesting improvements and corrections, or by adding new content of your own, you will first need to create an account. Please use the Log in form to add yourself to the list of OpenSearch.org editors.

As the content on OpenSearch.org will be considered by many to be canonical, it is important that we work together to offer only the best advice for OpenSearch users.

Certain pages, such as the OpenSearch 1.1 specification itself, and any other "permanent" page, are protected to prevent against unexpected changes. If you would like to comment on a protected page, please use the associated Talk page.

[edit] House rules

  • Please only post content related to OpenSearch.
This site is here exclusively for information about OpenSearch. Wikipedia is a great place for other topics.
  • Please do not post spam or commercial content and/or links.
Doing so will get your account and your IP banned nearly instantly, so please, don't.
  • Please respect other people and their work.
Use your best judgement if editing a page. Typos and grammar fixes are usually safe. Pointers to additional information are welcome (in the appropriate places). Please be especially careful if you are making an edit that could change the meaning or interpretation of existing work.
  • Please do not plagiarize.
Be sure to give credit where credit is due.
  • Please post content in the right place.
If you would like to propose a new OpenSearch extension, please follow the proposal guidelines.
  • Please err on the side of caution.
Use the Talk pages to ask questions if you are not sure about a change. It is much better to start a dialog than to see an edit war break out.

[edit] Reminder

A reminder that this is site is an optimistic experiment. If it turns out that running a community wiki is subject to abuse then plans will have to adjust accordingly. But in the meantime, thank you, have fun, and welcome to OpenSearch.org!