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[edit] Overall vision

The opensearch.org website was created by A9.com and Amazon to provide a place for the community to gather and share ideas around the format and search syndication in general. The use of a wiki-based publishing system should help facilitate the efficient incorporation of new proposals and links back to the broader community.

[edit] Plans

The OpenSearch specification is currently at Draft 3. This draft will be reviewed by the public, revised as necessary, and then marked as final.

At this point, no further substantive changes (i.e., changes that would break compatibility) are anticipated. Any improvements will be focused adding clarifying details or examples.

The OpenSearch 1.1 format has been stable since the first draft nearly a year ago. As the OpenSearch format was designed to be extensible, there are no concrete plans for new versions of the core OpenSearch specification in the near future. Thus search engines and search clients should feel comfortable implementing the OpenSearch 1.1 format and expect a long lifespan for the specification.