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Version 1.1, Draft 3, Release Candidate

  • Merged core specification into single document.
  • Moved the <Param/> element and the <Url/> element's 'method' attribute to the OpenSearch parameter extension.
  • Added the 'indexOffset' and 'pageOffset' to the <Url/> element.
  • Replaced the OpenSearch <link/> element with the standard Atom <link/> element.

Version 1.1, Draft 2 (December 6 2005)

  • Unified XML namespace across core specifications.
  • Added section on autodiscovery.
  • Modified <Tags/> value to allow up to 256 characters.
  • Modified <Contact/> and <Tags/> elements to make them optional.
  • Modified <atom:link rel="..."/> values to match Atom specification.
  • Added <Query/> element.
  • Replaced <SampleSearch/> element in description with <Query role="example"/>.
  • Replaced <searchTerms/> element in response with <Query role="request"/>.

Version 1.1, Draft 1 (September 9 2005)

  • Updated XML namespaces to reflect the new version.
  • Moved information regarding host restrictions to query syntax specification.
  • Modified <Image/> element to allow multiple occurrences.
  • Added 'width', 'height', and 'type' attributes to <Image/> element.
  • Added <Language/>, <OutputEncoding/>, and <InputEncoding/> elements to description.
  • Added 'language', 'outputEncoding', and 'inputEncoding' as core search parameters.
  • Specified MIME type for description documents.
  • Specified extensibility mechanism for custom search parameters.
  • Added '?' modifier for search parameters.
  • Specified extensibility mechanism for description documents.
  • Specified use of <atom:link/> elements in response.
  • Added <searchTerms/> element to response.
  • Added 'template', 'type', and 'method' attributes to <Url/> element.
  • Added '<Param/> element to <Url/> element to support POST requests.
  • Modified <Url/> elements to allow multiple occurrences.
  • Removed <Format/>/code> element from description.
  • Renamed OpenSearch RSS to OpenSearch Response.
  • Added support for Atom, HTML, and other response formats.

Version 1.0 (March 15 2005)

  • Released OpenSearch Description, OpenSearch Query Syntax, and OpenSearch RSS core specifications.