• What’s new: Document-level monitors

    Wed, Jul 13, 2022

    In OpenSearch 2.0, OpenSearch released document-level monitors. With document-level monitors, alert creators can monitor documents as they are indexed in OpenSearch. If an alert is configured on a document-level monitor, the alert returns a reference to the document that triggered the alert. In this blog post, we will provide the following:

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  • Year One: The OpenSearch Project

    Tue, Jul 12, 2022

    I know its cliché, but what a difference a year makes. We launched the OpenSearch project a year ago today to help ensure that the community of open-source Elasticsearch users had a path forward. We wanted to be sure users continue to have a secure, high-quality, fully open-source search and analytics suite with a rich roadmap of new and innovative...

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  • OpenSearch 2.1 is available now!

    Thu, Jul 07, 2022

    OpenSearch 2.1 is now available for download! This release includes new features and significant enhancements aimed at boosting performance and expanding functionality for search, analytics, and observability use cases. OpenSearch 2.1 delivers a number of capabilities that have come up consistently in the OpenSearch community, including a dedicated node type for running machine learning (ML) workloads at scale, enhanced data...

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  • OpenSearch style guidelines are now available

    Wed, Jun 29, 2022

    The OpenSearch team is excited to announce the release of the style guidelines for our documentation and marketing content! These guidelines cover the style standards and terms to be observed when creating OpenSearch content. Our growing team of technical writers and editors is committed to providing complete and best-in-class documentation to the OpenSearch community, and releasing our style guidelines reflects...

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  • S3 log ingestion using Data Prepper 1.5.0

    Thu, Jun 23, 2022

    Data Prepper is an open-source data collector for data ingestion into OpenSearch. It currently supports trace analytics and log analysis use cases. Earlier this year Data Prepper added log ingestion over HTTP using tools such as Fluent Bit. And a recent community submission added OpenTelemetry metrics ingestion in Data Prepper 1.4.0.

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