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Meet the OpenSearchCon 2023 Speakers

Session Speakers

Analytics, Observability, and Security
Operating OpenSearch

Alfonso Brown


Alastair Flynn

Software Engineer at Canonical

Alexander Greaves-Tunnell

Applied Scientist, AWS - OpenSearch

Anirudha Jadhav

Engineering Manager at AWS - OpenSearch

AJ Jambu

Developer Evangelist at MinIO

Arun Lakshmanan

Senior OpenSearch Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

Andrey Myssak

CCI Participant

Akash Shankaran

Cloud Software Architect, Intel

Amitai Stern

Software developer & Telemetry Storage Team Lead at Logz.io

Aparna Sundar

Lead UX Research at AWS - OpenSearch

Bukhtawar Khan

Principal Engineer

Bianca Lewis

Chief Revenue Officer at Opster

Brian Nauheimer

KMW Technology

Bob Wall

CTO and Co-founder at IronCore Labs

Bilge Yücel

Developer Advocate at Deepset

Daniel Doubrovkine

Principal Engineer - OpenSearch

David Fado

Cyber Systems Architect at Peraton

David Tippett

Senior Developer Advocate / AWS - OpenSearch

David Venable

Senior Software Development Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch

Dan Widdis

Senior Software Engineer - AWS

Gaurav Bafna

Senior Software Engineer, AWS - OpenSearch

Iskander Rakhmanberdiyev

Software Development Manager at AWS - OpenSearch

Jon Fritz

Chief Product Officer at Aryn

Jon Handler

Senior Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

Jonah Kowall

VP Product Management / Aiven

Jochen Kressin

Co-Founder Eliatra and Search Guard

Ken Hamric

Founder at Tracetest.io

Krishna Kondaka

Senior Software Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch

Laura Pavlov

Senior UX Designer @ AWS - OpenSearch

Noam Schwartz

Software Engineer at GSI Technology / Searchium.ai

Olasoji Denloye

Software Engineer at Intel Corp.

Pablo Arce

Senior Software Engineer at Pureinsights Technology Corporation

Pedro Cruz

Engineering Manager at Canonical

Praveen Mohan Prasad

Analytics Specialist @ AWS - OpenSearch

Jiaxiang (Peter) Zhu

Sr Systems Development Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch

Raman Saparkhan

Carnegie Mellon University Student and CCI Contributor

Sarthak Aggarwal

Software Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch

Stephen Crawford

Software Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch

Subhobrata Dey

Software Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch

Sayali Gaikawad

Software Development Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch

Samuel Herman

Architect at Oracle

Sergey Myssak

CCI Participant

Saurabh Singh

Senior Software Development Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch

Tuana Celik

Lead Developer Advocate at deepset

Vinayak Borkar

CEO at Mach5 Software, Inc.

Yaniv Vaknin

Machine Learning Leader

Ziv Segal

CEO and Co-Founder of Opster