OpenSearch is a scalable, flexible, and extensible open-source software suite for search, analytics, and observability applications licensed under Apache 2.0. Powered by Apache Lucene and driven by the OpenSearch Project community, OpenSearch offers a vendor-agnostic toolset you can use to build secure, high-performance, cost-efficient applications. Use OpenSearch as an end-to-end solution or connect it with your preferred open-source tools or partner projects.

Build powerful search solutions
Deploy e-commerce, application, and document search with community-built tools. Power artificial intelligence (AI) applications using OpenSearch’s vector database functionality. Support for full text queries, natural language processing, custom dictionaries, and a range of search features provides a flexible foundation for structured and unstructured search applications. With built-in faceting, relevance ranking and scoring, and a selection of machine learning (ML) features, you can build search solutions that are finely tuned to your data.

Analyze and discover at scale
Capture, store, and analyze your business, operational, and security data from a variety of sources. Use your preferred data collector and enrich your analytics pipeline with integrated ML tools like anomaly detection. Built-in search functionality supports fast, accurate query results and time-sensitive insights. Visualize and report discoveries with OpenSearch Dashboards and use JDBC to connect to popular business intelligence systems.

Achieve end-to-end observability
Visualize your monitored environments from end to end and identify and resolve issues as they arise with flexible observability tools. Build visualizations from your metrics, traces, and logs, with the option to use Data Prepper to transform and enrich your source data. Support for open-source systems like OpenTelemetry and Prometheus means you can create powerful, customized observability solutions using state-of-the-art components.

Getting started
OpenSearch includes a data store and search engine, a visualization and user interface, and a library of plugins you can use to tailor your tools to your requirements. Get started in the way that best suits your team and your environment. To configure your first OpenSearch cluster, you can download the OpenSearch components in a variety of distributions or start with the official Docker Image.

OpenSearch Project partners
Visit the OpenSearch Project partner page for a network of organizations who offer hosted solutions, provide help with technical challenges, and build tools to extend the capabilities of OpenSearch. Interested in becoming a project partner? Learn how.

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