OpenSearchCon Europe speakers and sessions are live!

Wed, Apr 17, 2024 · Kris Freedain, James McIntyre

Following an overwhelming response to our call for presentations, the speakers and sessions for OpenSearchCon Europe have been selected. We’re delighted to present 22 sessions covering timely topics related to search, observability, security, operations, performance optimization, and more across 2 days of learning and community building.

To accommodate as many submissions as possible, we’ve decided to include a selection of sessions on the first day of the conference in addition to a full schedule of sessions on the second day. The conference starts on 6 May with a single track of sessions beginning at 10:00 and continuing after lunch. The morning’s agenda also includes a roundtable where partners can collaborate and exchange ideas. The afternoon continues with an unconference, during which anyone can pitch a topic for a 15-minute talk, and we’ll end the day with a reception to celebrate our first-ever European user conference.

If you’re looking for hands-on learning, OpenSource Connections will deliver a one-day intensive course based on its “Think Like a Relevance Engineer” training. You can sign up for the course here.

7 May kicks off with a conference keynote presented by Mukul Karnik, general manager for OpenSearch at Amazon Web Services, and Hariharan Gandhi, product owner at SAP. After that, a full day of sessions will be presented across two rooms through the end of the conference.

If you haven’t already registered for OpenSearchCon Europe, you can reserve your seat here. We hope to see you in Berlin!