Eliatra - The OpenSearch Experts

Eliatra provides Enterprise Solutions for OpenSearch, including support with guaranteed SLAs, professional services, and custom development. Our Eliatra OpenSearch Distro (EOD) makes it easy to run OpenSearch for Mission-critical systems.

Products & Services

  • Eliatra OpenSearch Distro (EOD)

    A robust, reliable, and secure enhancement to the OpenSearch ecosystem, tailored for modern enterprises' intricate needs. EOD offers long-term support, 100% compatibility with standard OpenSearch, and world-class support with rapid response to issues, direct access to our team, and yearly health checks, available up to 24x7

  • Eliatra Cloud Tresor

    Encryption at Rest for OpenSearch

  • 24/7 OpenSearch Support

    World-Class 24/7 support for OpenSearch

  • Elastic Stack OpenSearch Migration

    We have extensive knowledge in migrating clusters from the Elastic Stack to OpenSearch.

  • OpenSearch Workshops

    We offer workshops, operational support and professional services for OpenSearch, the Elastic Stack and SearchGuard.