• How do you plan on getting data into OpenSearch?

    Mon, Jun 21, 2021

    I expect very few people will only use OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards. Sure, you might do a little testing with the sample data in OpenSearch Dashboards, but really you’re going to be using something to help you get some data into that cluster. There is a ton of existing, compatible software that can help you do just that - agents,...

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  • OpenSearch 1.0 Backwards Compatibility FAQ

    Wed, Jun 09, 2021

    In introducing OpenSearch we said: The Amazon OpenSearch Service APIs will be backwards compatible with the existing service APIs to eliminate any need for customers to update their current client code or applications. Additionally, just as we did for previous versions of Elasticsearch, we will provide a seamless upgrade path from existing Elasticsearch 6.x and 7.x managed clusters to OpenSearch....

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  • OpenSearch Release Candidate (RC1) is now available

    Mon, Jun 07, 2021

    Today I am excited to announce the Release Candidate (RC1) for version 1.0.0 of both OpenSearch (derived from Elasticsearch 7.10.2) and OpenSearch Dashboards (derived from Kibana 7.10.2). The Release Candidate includes downloadable artifacts (Linux tars and Docker images) as well as a number of OpenSearch plugins (listed below).

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  • My First Steps in OpenSearch Plugins

    Thu, Jun 03, 2021

    Taking the leap, not the plunge Personally, I’ve always wanted to contribute to an open-source project, but never found a way to incorporate it with my day-to-day work. Occasionally, I’d muster up the courage to clone a project I liked, seeking a good entry point to add some new feature or handle some issue. I thought that all I needed...

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  • Early June Community Meeting

    Fri, May 28, 2021

    You are welcome to join us for the biweekly OpenSearch community meeting on Tuesday, June 1st. In this meeting we’re going to try out a collaborative agenda, check out the event page for details and links.

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