• Trust in open-source software

    Wed, Jan 24, 2024

    An open-source project enhances community trust in multiple ways. Strategies recommended by the Linux Foundation to enhance community trust include seeking out influential peers and mentors, practicing in an open and collaborative environment, adopting flexible IT infrastructure that is supportive of open-source development, tracking metrics that are designed for an open-source environment, adopting a tailored but lightweight approach to code...

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  • OpenSearch AI and machine learning: Recapping 2023 and what’s next

    Tue, Jan 16, 2024

    In 2023, generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) captured the mainstream imagination and drove widespread AI-related initiatives. Vector database technology like OpenSearch got a share of the limelight, alleviating generative AI challenges like hallucinations and lack of persistent conversation memory. Builders created AI-powered chatbots designed around retrieval augmented generation (RAG) and OpenSearch. In the process, our users discovered new capabilities with...

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  • An update on the OpenSearch Project’s continued performance progress through version 2.11

    Wed, Jan 10, 2024

    OpenSearch is a community-driven, open-source search and analytics suite used by developers to ingest, search, visualize, and analyze data. Introduced in January 2021, the OpenSearch Project originated as an open-source fork of Elasticsearch 7.10.2. OpenSearch 1.0 was released for production use in July 2021 and is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (ALv2), with the complete codebase published to...

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  • OpenSearch research: Customer expectations of an intelligent dashboard assistant

    Thu, Dec 21, 2023

    Given the increasing demand for artificial intelligence (AI), the obvious evolution of the dashboard user experience is the development of an intelligent assistant. User experience relies predominantly on the maturity of the design experience, which is based on six levels of development. As defined by Nielsen, this process of evolution delineates the presence of UX across several states: absent, limited,...

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  • Announcing the OpenSearch Project Leadership Committee

    Tue, Dec 12, 2023

    We are taking another step on our journey toward a community-driven model of governance. We are thrilled to announce a sustaining OpenSearch Project Leadership Committee (LC) to help the OpenSearch community advance toward these goals.

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